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Andrew Payne

Andrew Payne (Mr Payne on STM)

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I’m Andrew, better known as Mr Payne on the STM Forum.

If you’re reading this right now, you’ve probably had a hard time making any real progress with your affiliate marketing and mobile popunder campaigns, right? I was in your shoes not too long ago and even with all the great information on STM and what you learn from networking with others, it still wasn’t enough to help me build profitable campaigns.

There was a time that I worked a tiring 16 hours each day and did that for weeks, with failed campaign after failed camapaign – nothing but red numbers to show for it. Then one day after a lot of trial and error, I finally put all the pieces together and things started to turn around for me.

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    What verticals and offers are the easiest to make profitable?
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    The type of offers that make the most money for affiliates?
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    Are there good and bad traffic sources for mobile pops?
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    What are a few good affiliate networks to get started with?
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    How to create a method for testing offers and finding profitable campaigns?
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    Is it important to block spy tools from stealing your landers?
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    Do you really need to cloak in order to make money with mobile pops?
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    and more...

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Made over 6k last month...

If it wasn’t for your advice and motivation I would have probably given up pops a long time ago and wouldn’t have made over 6k last month.

Anton  //  Xesturgy on STM

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